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Warrensburg Train Campout 2017

amtrak-trainJoin Troop 324 for an awesome trip on the Amtrak train to Warrensburg, Mo. We’ll depart from Union Station in KC on Saturday morning 2/11, take an awesome train trip, arrive at the Warrensburg Amtrak station, and then hike in with full backpacks to the State Park at Knob Noster. Way cool!

This is just about the coolest and best campout of the year!!


Saturday Feb. 11  to Sunday Feb. 12, 2017

  • ride an actual train with fellow Scouts
  • work towards earning the Railroading Merit badge (see the worksheet and requirements)
  • hike into the coolest campsite around with full backpacks
  • totally Peg The Fun Meter!!
Departure & Return:
  • Meet at CLS at 6:15 AM; depart by carpool at 6:30 for KC Union Station.
  • Arrive Union Station at 7AM to board the train with your packs.
  • Other adults will transport Troop and remaining personal gear to park in limited number of
  • We’ll return to KC Union Station around 3:00 pm on Sunday. Families must arrange transportation home from CLS. Due to carpooling, all Scouts will return to CLS.
  • winter camping
  • hiking with a full backpack
  • exploring a state park
  • learn about trains by experiencing Amtrak
  • here’s the Railroading Merit Badge info…
  • $48 per Scout and $44 per adult  if you ride the train to Warrensburg
  • Field uniform (Class A) during travel on the train and at the Station.
  • Seasonal camping attire at all other times.
  • Full backpack
  • Seasonal camping equipment, including rain gear and appropriate clothing for cool evenings and nights.
  • Scout Handbook
  • Canteen
  • Requirements sheet of Merit Badge book, if you are working on the Railroading badge
  • Eat Saturday breakfast at home. Scouts and adults riding the Amtrak may bring mid-morning snack in day pack (no soft drinks).
  • Patrols will purchase and prepare Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast. Adults will do likewise, separately from the patrols. Troop will provide Sunday lunch for all.
  • Ground fires are allowed at campsite, presenting excellent opportunity to practice skille like bread making and Dutch oven cooking.
  • At the campsite, the Troop will assign Scouts to the safety tasks and responsibilities:
Emergency Contact:
  • To contact your Scout in an emergency, try calling:
    • Scoutmaster Ken Bredehoeft at (816) 674-1437
    • or, Tom Ring at (816) 853-6701 (assumes coverage).


Registration for the 2017 Train campout begins during the Troop Meeting on 1/23/17, and closes during the Troop meeting on 2/6/17.


Jacob’s Cave Campout 2017

Cave Exploration at Jacob’s Cave


  • Explore a natural cave.
  • Have fun crawling in the mud.
  • Rank advancement.

Dates:     Friday, January 20th, to Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Destination: Jacob’s Cave located between Versailles and Gravois Mills, Missouri. (map).  We will be camping on a 40-acre primitive campground  area located adjacent to the Cave.

Departure & Return:

  •  Meet at the Church on Friday at 5:00 p.m., for departure shortly thereafter.
  • Anticipate return to Church between 11:00 and 1:00 p.m. on Sunday.

cave-stuffActivities: Explore Jacob’s Cave from two different perspectives:  (1) by taking the “commercial tour,” and (2) by crawling through the “maze area” of the Cave on your hands and knees (and sometimes your stomach).

The mile-long commercial tour includes every type of cave formation imaginable, from millions of soda straws and massive stalactites and columns, to delicate helectites.  In the maze area, you are guaranteed to get muddy.  This is considered a simple novice cave exploration (i.e., no advance training is required).


  • $40 per Scout and $35 per adult (cost includes cave fees).
  • Please pay Mrs. Clark. Personal funds may be brought for use at the rock shop near the Cave entrance.

Uniform:  Field uniform (Class A) during travel to and from the campsite.  Activities uniform (Class B) while on the commercial tour of the cave.

NOTE: The Cave temperature remains a constant 53 degrees.  So layer up – so you can remove cold weather layers during the tour – either bring an appropriate jacket or wear a long-sleeved shirt under your Class B shirt.

See below for proper attire while exploring the maze area.  Seasonal (Cold Weather) camping attire at all other times.

Equipment:   For exploring the maze (ceiling height ranges from 2-8 feet, it will definitely be muddy, and there may be some shallow water), each person needs a hard hat (a bicycle helmet will do), a headlamp of some sort (borrow a buddy’s, if necessary), a pair of gloves, coveralls (or a cheap sweatshirt and old pants), and old shoes.  Knee and/or elbow pads would also be helpful.

Don’t expect to wear your “exploring” clothes during any other portion of the campout – they’ll be too muddy.  Bring a plastic bag to put them in for the trip home. They have added a shower house so  you can shower after the mud crawl.  Bring a towel.

Otherwise, cold weather camping equipment, including shoes or boots (not sneakers) suitable for hiking, and Scout handbook.  Electronics are allowed for the trip, but with usage entirely at the discretion of the driver.

Food: A snack/dinner is recommended for Friday’s trip and/or we will also plan to stop at McDonald’s in Sedalia. Eating in the vehicle is entirely at the driver’s discretion. Patrols will purchase and prepare Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as Sunday breakfast.  Adults will do likewise, separately from the patrols.  Ground fires are allowed at the campsite.


  • I-435 east to I-470; then US 50 east to Sedalia (about 70 miles).
  • South on US 65 for   about 15 miles; then east on MO 52 to Versailles (about 20 miles).
  • South on MO 5 for about 5 miles to Highway TT.
  • East about 3 or 4 miles to Cave entrance (on your right).  Gate to camping area is immediately to your right after turning onto Cave property.
  • here’s the Jacob’s Cave web site
  • here’s a Google map

Emergency Contact:   To contact your Scout in an emergency, please call Kent Bredehoeft at 816-674-1437.

For details, or to discuss changes in plans, please contact Dave Kendrick =

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