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Rank Advancement

A Scout is always prepared!!


BSA Rank Advancement

The Boy Scout advancement method provides a series of surmountable obstacles for young men, and the steps to help him overcome them.

Each Scout in the Troop plans his advancement and progresses at his own pace as he meets each challenge. Scouts are rewarded for each achievement, and this helps him gain self-confidence. The steps in the advancement system help every Scout grow in self-reliance and in their ability to help others.

For more information about the Rank Advancement in the BSA, see the BSA Rank Advancement Resources page.

Troop 324’s Rank Advancement Process

Troop 324, like all troops in the Kansas City area, is a member of the Heart of America Council and the Soaring Eagle District. Read more information about Rank Advancement in our district.

Troops in the Heart of America Council conduct a Board of Review for each Scout as he qualifies for a higher rank. A Board of Review examines each Scout’s progress and makes sure that he has completed his requirements and is prepared to assume his higher rank. Although these Boards of Review are informal, Scouts are encouraged to prepare for them and to take them seriously, and to be aware that as they reach the upper ranks, more will be expected of them at the Board of Review. Please consult with your Scoutmaster for more information.

In general, when a Scout learns and masters the task in a requirement, he demonstrates it for another Scout, who adds his initials and the date to the Scout’s Boy Scout Handbook on the page for that requirement. (It’s in the back of your book.)

Lower Ranks

In Troop 324, a Scout can approve another Scout’s rank advancement. That Scout must hold a rank that is two ranks above the ranks to sign off. Thus, Tenderfoot requirements must be approved by First Class or higher Scouts, Second Class requirements must be approved by Star or higher Scouts, and First Class requirements must be signed by Life or higher.

Some items are normally approved by adult leaders. Each rank has a requirement to show scout spirit, which is normally approved by the Scoutmaster or an Assistant Scoutmaster at the Scoutmaster Conference. The Board of Review space will be initialed by all members of the board.

Eagle Rank

For his Eagle Rank, each Scout undergoes a thorough, formal Board of Review examination conducted by District volunteers he may not know. Troop 324 encourages every potential Eagle Scout to consult with the Scoutmaster in advance of his Board of Review so he might gain an idea of what will be expected in this formal interview.

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